Weight Loss

Submitted by: Michael Tartaglia

Sarah McCormick's Success Story

About 6 months ago, on a whim, I joined my friend for an 'exercise' class that she had attended a few times. To be honest I was skeptical. I was not fond of the idea of going to a gym and making a fool of myself in front of strangers, but I had been looking for a new way to jump start my workouts and she told me that this class would definitely do that! Elite Warrior Fitness is not your typical 'exercise' class and I was hooked after the first week! It is very intense, class are only 30 minutes, high energy and targets various muscle groups each class. Mike is very knowledgeable and is a great motivator. He believes in each of us and knows that we are capable of so much more than we personally think we are. I have noticed my body transforming and muscles becoming more defined, but not bulky, which is exactly what I wanted! In addition to the great workouts 3 days a week, Mike also offers personal diet plans based on specific goal we have. After only 3 weeks on the plan, I have dropped 6 pounds and feel my clothes fitting differently. Overall, I am a huge fan of the classes and the meal plan; they have helped me achieve some personal goals that, until now, seemed out of reach. Thanks Elite Warrior Fitness and thanks Mike!

Sarah McCormick