Wedding Bells & A Body Does Flips

Submitted by: Jeri Lynn Sunok

Cindy's Success Story

“I get to sustain a body that still bends like a teenager without taking away all my self-indulgence.”
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Initial Inspiration: I had two months to get in shape and lose weight for my wedding in Italy.

BODY iD™ Success: I stay in peak shape, maintaining my feminine muscles by following a precise routine for my proportions. And I am able to keep my body fat in check as it shows up easily on my small frame.

Stay Fit Secrets: Sensible, smart exercising; injury prevention is first priority. Listen to Jeri and follow-through with her methods. I don't allow myself to become lazy or second-guess her precise technique. Also, intensify cardio and change up a comfortable routine.

TURN-ON Exercise: Jeri’s signature ab work and pro-style kickboxing exercises.
It’s fresh! Jeri goes that extra step to teach all the moves in a practical and mindful way.

TURN-OFF Exercise: Dead Lifts! BORING!

Personal Best(s): Making Jeri’s “200-Reps Ab Club" List“I was the first! Learning how to take the time to train and properly care for my body that has limitations from my past athletic experiences. Mentally, I am now able to see how Jeri’s methods positively impact my whole life and the lives of my family
(who she also advises).

GUILT-FREE INDULGENCES: CHAMPAGNE...because after 40 minutes on the treadmill followed by Jeri's mindful workout, I DESERVE IT!


Cindy Before


Cindy After