We are Worth It

Submitted by: Risa LaPlante

Lisa's Success Story

I am writing this today, in sincere gratitude for what this gym has done for me. I am a 40 year old business owner, wife and mother of two who resides in Northwood, NH. I took my first steps int this gym 5 months ago feeling intimidated, scared and guilty. All of these feelings faded quickly when I was greeted by smiling faces. That day I signed up, was truly one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Shortly after signing, I started training with Risa LaPlante once per week. She has taught me how to eat a healthier diet by taking me to the grocery store and showing me how to decode all of those confusing labels. She has taught me how that dreaded number on the scale is irrelevant and how everyone loses differently and to stop comparing myself to others. She has taught me so much. One of the biggest lessons I have learned, was that it is okay to take this time and money and invest in my health and wellbeing because I am worth it!!!

In a short five months I have lost 20 lbs and several inches. My new goal is to be able to do a non assisted pull up by the end of the year. (This is a lot harder than I thought it would be) But I am determined!

I hope that everyone reading this understands how they are worth all of the hard work, sweat, time and money invested in their journey, because WE ARE WORTH IT!!!!!

FitRebel, Lisa Hill


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