Warrior Princess

Submitted by: Loralee Dodson

Cara's Success Story

"Since I started the Slim to Win program with Loralee Dodson in January 2013...

I have lost 36lbs (47lbs since my heart surgery in Oct)

Lost 1.25" in my neck

Lost 4.25" on my chest (bummer

Lost 4.5" in my waist

Lost 3.5" 3" below my waist

Lost 9" from hips

Lost 5" from R. Thigh

Lost 2" from R. Calf

Lost 2" from R. Arm

Lost 4% body fat

I have proven to myself that even with heart issues, a fractured back, crazy life schedules, MONO and everything else that has been thrown my way....I GOT THIS~ Thanks to my awesome trainer Loralee Dodson and to the Slim to Win program that has helped me out so much! I'm SO sad it's all coming to an end....just the program...not my journey."


Cara Before


Cara After