Warren Kelsey

Submitted by: Renita Collier

Warren's Success Story

I trained with Renita beginning in October /2010 and continue to do so. The first month of training with Renita focused on improving my diet/nutrition, lowering body fat and building muscle. During that month I made noticeable gains in bicep measurements (3 inches); lost pounds of body fat; my Body Mass Index(BMI) went from 30% down to 24%; and I had increased energy and improved sleeping habits and concentration. I also improved my diet and gained knowledge in good nutrition. I was extremely pleased with those results after only one month of working with Renita, therefore I decided to purchase more personal training sessions with her. I had never bought personal training sessions before, even though I had been a member of my current fitness center since 1998, nor had I ever made gains like this before training on my own or with other training partners. I purchased 10 personal fitness sessions with Renita and continued to make similar gains. I am amazed at Renita'’s knowledge of personal training techniques and nutrition. There was never a time that Renita was unable to answer any of my many questions about muscle groups, fitness, training techniques, and nutrition.The icing on the cake was when other gym members commented how my physique was improving and asked if I had lost weight. Comments like these really help a person feel better about themselves.Renita possesses a tremendous gift to motivate her clients and make training fun. I mentioned to her many times how much more motivated I was training with her by my side encouraging me. Renita is the absolute best trainer I have ever met. I know that she will continue to motivate and encourage her new clients wherever she decides to take her many talents.
Warren Kelsey Lower Sackville