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Submitted by: Joshua Yeary

Chris's Success Story

“Wanting to tell you got a love hate relationship going with your program. Love the results; hate the workouts. No, really great program, couldn’t ask for a better program you knew just what I was looking for as far as the results I’m looking for. You sent me the program and told me to do what I could and when I can. It was easy to follow and giving me nice results. Gained size in my arms and chest have leaned down sitting at 11 percent body fat. As always you’re there when I need to ask you a question and I get a straight forward, no BS answer. Couldn’t ask for anything better. You’re not up my butt 24/7 wanting to know my every move and everything I eat. You gave me the program and yourself and now it’s up to me. We had a rocky start I won this program and started with a different trainer. That didn’t work so Josh stepped in and took over my training and made things right. Josh, even though I’ve never met you in person I consider you a close friend. As a trainer you’re the best one I’ve had so far; wouldn.t want anyone different. My 19 year old son is working on becoming a personal trainer; I’ve shared with him what you’ve done in hopes he turns out to be a trainer on your level. Josh, thanks again for everything you’ve done so far. I am 49 and currently weigh 183lbs with my body fat at 11%. Set a couple personal bests on your program and will continue to get more.”

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