Walk the Walk

Submitted by: Elizabeth Roycroft

Elizabeth's Success Story

I am my first success story. I was 47 years old, 255 pounds on a 6'2" ectomorph body frame, miserable, tired, sickly and had my 25th wedding anniversary looming over me. I have the same yoyo type story as many, trying different diets, workout plans, losing weight, gaining weight, etc.

My husband and I were going to Jamaica (the first time I'd been out of the country) and I know I didn't want to go feeling old, obese, ashamed and unhealthy. I had no medical reason to be fat other than my undisciplined life and probably knew more of diets and exercising than most. Trends didn't seem to work for very long so I decided I had to find a new lifestyle that I wanted to adhere to for the rest of my life.

I researched and found that Clean Eating was the choice for me. I removed processed foods from my diet, ate whole, fresh foods in moderation and did what I have always loved: weight lifting with cardio.

Because I had a full time life, I chose to begin my workout journey at home. I did this so no one would fail by using the excuse that they had no time, money or resources to join a gym or club. I started with a recumbent bike for cardio and my Firm videos. Yes, I said videos! Apparently they were so old, (80s and 90s) that folks were still wearing leg warmers and spandex! Still, they incorporated cardio and dumbbell strength training into one session so I was on my way! I simply wanted to prove there was no expensive equipment to buy or anywhere to travel that would lead one away from the comfort of their own home if they truly wanted to get healthy.

As I progressed and felt a need for more, I eventually invested in a Bowflex, (I felt I was worth it!) so I could add more weight and variety to my routines Since I have a full time job and am out of the house for work by 5:00AM, I started to wake at 3:00AM for my workouts. I have heard people say they just can't get up that early but most (not all) times it means they won't get up that early. My time management changed because I stopped making excuses to fail, I spent less time in front of the television and more time in the kitchen falling in love with food preparation, ingredients, spices and cooking.

The transformation was amazing and such a pleasant experience. The weight melted from my frame and, in 9 months, I had lost over 100 pounds, gained shapely muscle and am going strong 3 years later. My in home equipment branched out to a Rebounder and Elliptical (I am so worth it!) so I still work out at home. As a 50th birthday gift to myself, I studied and received my Personal Training Certificate to lend credence to what I had accomplished, to educate myself and to help others.

I have now gone Plant Strong with my eating and feel even better. Someone told me that '50 is the new 30' but I say '50 is the new 50' and this transformation is what can be achieved! I am not anti-aging; I am pro-aging and want to be the role model that the young 20 and 30 year olds wish to aspire after when they are my age.

I am truly grateful I had no medical emergency that forced me to do what I have accomplished and will live going forward, striving to help others on their fitness and health related journeys. Although it took a few years for him to catch up, my gorgeous husband has also lost over 60 pounds, has rebuilt the muscular body he had when I first met him in his 20s, eats healthy and is open to anything I can teach him. To God be the glory!