Victoria Perkins

Submitted by: Todd Bowers

Victoria's Success Story

If you're an older woman, (or any age for that matter) and your muscles are becoming more like marshmallows, and your'e tired a lot of the time, then Todd is the trainer to try! I learned a lot in just 3 short months. Todd takes his time with you, explains everything and teaches you to do more than you thought possible. It feels so good to have a stronger, healthier body.

One of the neat things is, Todd came to my house to train me. I felt too tired to run to a gym. His rates are very reasonable, compared to others in my area. The workouts have taken away my fatigue and left me feeling fabulous! So if you feel out of touch with your body, try Todd. He gets you up and moving! As I see it, it is an investment in my health.

Victoria R. Perkins :o)