Vicki's Story

Submitted by: Vicki Richtman

's Success Story

In 1992, I was riding a horse at a canter (slow run). The horse seemed to black out and fall into a full summersault, catapulting me onto my head, Christopher Reeves style. I sustained several injuries, the worst of which was multiple compression fractures in my neck. I had 5 small children at the time and my youngest was 9 months old. Severe pain from the injuries left me with little use of my arms. I spent much of the next 14 years in & out of physical therapy. By June of 2005, I still couldn't squeeze a shampoo bottle or get my arms up long enough to wash my hair.

Finally, after 14 years of pain and suffering, I decided to take my rehab into my own hands using the best of what I had learned in all the years I spent in physical therapy. I started with simple water movement exercises. Within 4 months I was able to begin a light strength training program.

So how am I today in 2011? I can lift a 5 gallon jug of water onto the dispenser and do 20 pushups.

Do I still have pain? Yes, but it is totally manageable and I rarely notice it unless I specifically pay attention to it.

I found I have an ability to heal myself and others with exercise. I immediately began my certification programs and have worked over 4000 hours rehabilitation style, functional fitness trainer helping hundreds of clients to achieve a better quality of life.

I am new to this sight and am currently collecting the success stories of my clients. Please check back for more uplifting stories.

Vicki Richtman