Vicki Payton

Submitted by: Samuel Morris

's Success Story

I can't say enough good things about what you and your class have done in my life.
It was my 'rock' when I went thru my trials with my brothers motorcycle accident and his healing last summer -- The positive vibe of the group and the support from each other -- it has become a great support network and I think of the group and you as great friends and almost like family! It is a huge source of encouragement and the VERY BEST way to start my day.

I have NEVER enjoyed a fitness class this much -- and have NEVER tired of it. I love how you always mix up the workouts -- in all the months I've attended we have NEVER done the same class more than once - that speaks highly of your diversity and your ability to keep us challenged.
I thought I was fit and strong before starting your class - but your training has increased the strength of my core and given me greater confidence. Probably the greatest compliment I have received after 8 months of your boot camp occurred the other day. I was working out on an off-class day -- but mimicking many of the exercises you have taught us. An enlisted soldier came over to me and said, "I hate to interupt, but I just had to say, you look like you just stepped out of a magazine." At my age, 54, hearing that just thrilled me -- and I credit it to you and the time I've spent under your training.

So thanks Sam -- for being this positive force in my life - and for helping create a stronger, more fit version of me!

Hooah!!! Boots on Ground!!