Vibration Fitness Training and Yoga

Submitted by: Lana Gelb

's Success Story

"I have been doing Vibration Training for 6 months and started to see amazing results very soon after I started. My body is tighter and fitter than I was 20 years ago. Recently, people have been asking me what is different because I look better. The only change has been my improved fitness through my workouts with Vibration technology. As a 58 year old dentist, I was beginning to feel the strain of my work, but now I have much more endurance during the day“"

Steven J. Rosenstein, DMD

"I love the Vibration classes at “Body & Soul Fitness”. Lana has created a great environment where we are challenged every time with new routines – sometimes we work our Abs and Upper body other times we do a Circuit which kicks our butts. I am ecstatic that I found this studio so near my home, as I have always been an exercise buff. I am able to be more sweaty in just 25 minutes, than when I do “spinning”. Now I can also do Latin dance classes as well as work on the Pilates machine – both programs added this past month –this truly is a place for Body & Soul“"

Debra Cooper

"Vibration Training has helped me speed up my metabolism, build strength, increase endurance and is one of the most challenging forms of exercise I’ve ever performed“"

Morris Berger

"Lana is an inspirational trainer – I had a rotator cuff problem that was only marginally being helped with Physical Therapy. I couldn’t put my hand behind my back or lift my arm above my head. Furthermore, I was in constant pain. After just a few sessions on the vibration machine, my range of motion and discomfort was highly improved. To date, I am pain free and have returned to a normal range of motion– I recommend this program and hail Lana for her expertise and professionalism“"

Lynne Landsberg

"I fractured my hip and was having physical therapy, which wasn’t helping. I was in a lot of pain and could not walk without limping. I decided to try the Vibration machine, with Lana’s guidance, and after only four sessions, I was pain free and no more limp“"

Lorraine Ramer

"I was a skinny 21year old, with a major cellulite problem. People don’t realize that you can have heavy duty cellulite when you’re thin. I wish that I had taken before and after photos of my thighs, butt and hips– I didn’t because I was so skeptical. My cellulite has improved dramatically after 2 months – 3 sessions per week. I feel comfortable for the first time, in a long time, going to the beach in a bikini“"


Trainer Testimonials

"Dear Lana,

The introduction seminar at Shula's gave me a great opportunity to learn general information; however in the more intense course you gave at Aventura, your main focus was on the practical part that the user/trainer can benefit from. I strongly believe that the inspiration we received from you would benefit all trainers who work with clients. The way you work with the machine is very inspiring and challenging which I personally believe leads to the fact that the client/user would not get bored. Your creative input combining several fitness modalities on the machine - Cardio, Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi was great. I would be grateful if you keep me updated with your upcoming schedule.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!"

Katja Aronsson “Personal Trainer