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Submitted by: Ronald Gladwell

Shawn's Success Story

I found Ronald to be extremly adaptive and personal in his creation and maintenance of my indiviual Personal Training goals.

He actively listened to my needs and shared his wide expertise on possible goals and aspirations for physcial transformation.

His integrity and ability to motivate shone through at every moment. The provision of his services coupled with a detailed technical /medical knowledge of the human body gives peace of mind that technique and quality of the training is more important than the ''Quantity".

The products sold by his organisation are high quality and come with the highest international gradings and help to achieve the desired results.

I can only wish Ronald and his growing team the best for the future and will defintely use his services again and highly recommend them to anyone thinking of acheiving amazing transformational results to their health, well being and body image.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity