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"Jennah listens to what YOUR goals are“not what her goals are for YOU!! I was about to give up on my running. After working with Jennah, she not only helped me get my running back, I am now training for my first marathon! I could not have done it without her training and support“..Thanks Jennah!!! -- Cindy Rosenthal

"I think my lower belly is down some because I can get into stuff that I haven’t been able to wear in about 6 months!!! Plus I lost 7 pounds. I am glad that I met you; I have tried several workout plans and a trainer and never had any results. I can now feel myself getting stronger every day and I actually enjoy doing push ups now because I CAN DO THEM!!! WAHOOO! Thanks for everything you have done for us!" -Robyn

"In the past eight years, across various states, I've used several certified trainers - Jennah is the best personal trainer I have ever used - period!
Jennah's experience enables her to expertly teach me how and why I'll benefit from each exercise. She is holistically focused on my unique goals; blending strength, core, cardio and personalized stretches, along with diet; to help me train my "life" - not simply my muscles or beat the scale.
I'm in the best shape of my life including high-school and running faster then ever and shedding body fat because of her! Most importantly, she's taught me routines and plans that are sustainable within my life - and keeps me motivated toward that next goal! Whoohoo! Thanks Jennah!"-- Jon D.

"I want to thank you for setting me on the path of physical fitness again. I can definitely feel the difference from 6 months ago." -Tara

"Since I've gotten past the initial distaste of running or walking, I've found I feel better, my heart and lungs work more efficiently and it burns a lot of calories.
I've entered a few 5k races and continue to improve my time with each race. Weight loss and exercise work hand in hand. My family has been running together and we encourage each other and enjoy the time we spend together. Exercise has improved my commitment and overall well-being. The time spent working with Jennah and her encouragement to exercise on my own has made a dramatic difference in my health over the last year. Thanks Jennah!" - Dan W.

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