Valuable Resource for Weight Mgmnt & Functional Fitness

Submitted by: Frank Villani

Vicki Granet Semel, PsyD, PhD's Success Story

It is incredibly easy to write in support of the important training Frank Villani has offered me in the last four years. And while I have had many trainers who have helped with orthopedic and health issues, I have never worked with anyone who had such a complete view of what constitutes a healthy system. He has guided me about strength training, flexibility, balance, and weight control. BUT he has also introduced me to varied nutritional and psychological approaches.

As a psychoanalyst and psychologist, I have appreciated the depth and diversity of his knowledge. He sets standards and knows how to persist, when my interest may flag.

Furthermore, he is always growing, taking courses, programs to develop his knowledge base in so many areas. While I am interested in general health and work on osteoporosis type exercises, he has been knowledgeable and helpful with my grandson a competitive golfer.

It is with great certainty that I can attest to the superb ability of Frank Villani.