Val's Story

Submitted by: Marci Robinson

Val Bauermeister's Success Story

My introduction to odyssey with the gym and Marci Robinson began in August, 2012. That was when I finally committed to making a return to the world of basketball officiating. This return was something I had contemplated for a couple of years but "life" kept getting in the way. What I mean by "life" is circumstances beyond my control in the form of an injury in myself and cancer for my husband. Though my injury healed and my courageous husband continued to fight the cancer battle, I felt a sense of urgency. You see, my desire to return to basketball reffing was so I could do something with my husband again that we had enjoyed for so many years. Also, it was how we met. Skeptically, I went to my first training appointment with Marci, shared with her my goals and told her the basketball season started in 12 short weeks. If I was going to return to reffing, I needed to do it in good physical condition. Every session with her was an adventure into the unexpected. She always surprised me with such a variety of crazy things that I accused her of lying awake at night thinking of ways to torture me for her own entertainment. But, they worked! By the time the basketball season rolled around, I was thrilled with the progress I had made. While my reffing skills continue to progress, physical conditioning was never an issue. And the cherry on top was getting to work a couple of games with my husband! I've gained a lot of confidence along the way, too. Marci constantly challenges me safely outside of my comfort zone. I am amazed to see, for example, that I can sprint up to 10 miles an hour on the treadmill, balance on crazy surfaces and climb 100 floors of stairs at a time. Life is full of distractions and interruptions. That is life. My husband's cancer battle continues and is, at times, overwhelming. God has provided me with many sources of support, comfort and stress relief. I am blessed to continue to have the gym as a place of solace, a way to deal with the stress in a constructive way and Marci is a big part of that. She knows how to motivate in a way that not only pushes me but also encourages me. She comes up with workouts for me to do when my job takes me away from the gym and she also reminds me why I began my journey in the first place. Thanks, Marci!
-Val Bauermeister

Total Pounds Lost: 23.6 lbs.
Total Body Fat Lost: 9.85%
Total Inches Lost: 21.25

*October 2012: Officially off medication for hypertension!


Val Bauermeister Before


Val Bauermeister After