Using Technology

Submitted by: Patrick Jak, MS

Duane's Success Story

As a former Navy SEAL, Duane loves to push himself. But it would often cause him an overuse injury or time away from activity. He came to me and requested cycling and strength training in order to keep himself under what he referred to as "my eyes of control."

I set up an electronic journal so we could see specific trends in various vital signs and mental traits. Each morning, Duane took his resting heart rate, weighed himself, and answered 3 simple questions on his mood. Based on the results, we would either stick to his training plan or alter it by adding or decreasing volume and/or intensity.

Patterns definitely came to the forefront. If Duane's resting heart rate started trending upward, he was clearly in an overload state. We knew that if his resting heart rate would rise 5 beats above normal trend, he had only 3 days to train. If he continued on beyond that, he would come down with a cold.

Using this, we were able to push his body to new levels and take advantage of his training capacity. We also used his body to tell us when he needed recovery.

Duane focused on time trialing and continues to see his times improve. Down from over 34 minutes for a 20k time trial to 28 minutes.