Unique Perspective

Submitted by: ashley whitson

Aaron's Success Story

"Ashley has a unique perspective on training and conditioning the body that I have never found among other trainers with whom I've worked. I think this is borne from her dancing background in Martha Graham, which is rooted in extremely disciplined form and stress on precise technique. Further combining this background with a strong understanding of Pilates, Yoga, and athletic performance training, she can create a very diverse program that can be surprisingly simple but extremely effective. I have been weight training and doing martial arts for years, but was thrown off and impressed by how challenging and rewarding Ashley's workout program for me was. And even more important than her experience and methodology is her sincere and passionate motive to truly improve the physical and mental health of all her clients. I can tell she approaches my training individually and caters to what I need, rather than using a "one size fits all approach". To me, this is the key to finding a great trainer."


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