Unexpected results

Submitted by: Kevin Callender

Tom's Success Story

When I decided I wanted to start working with a personal trainer I had a goal of losing the excess fat that had accumulated since high school. It had been a while since I’d been in a gym and Kevin helped me get reacquainted with the equipment and showed me plenty of exercises to keep me interested.
I had planned on using a trainer for maybe two to three months originally. Two years later I was still training with Kevin. My goals had shifted beyond just losing fat and he was able to train according to what I wanted to accomplish. One of the things that I noticed while working with Kevin was that he watches you do your sets and makes sure you are doing them properly; he’s not there just to count your reps. As you gain strength he will make sure that your gaining strength throughout your entire body and that you are not neglecting any of the “less popular” muscles.
My experience with Kevin was always positive and kept my attention focused and my motivation high. Going to the gym now is no longer a chore but something I look forward to almost every day and having Kevin as a trainer was definitely a big part of my transition.