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Submitted by: Brandi Hancock

Kerstin's Success Story

Pretty much all of my adult life I have struggled with my weight. Over the years I have had many start ups with exercising but nothing was working or I lost interest very soon! My life changed when I met Brandi Hancock and Lea Flores. They have been my motivation and inspiration. I know now that if you don't REALLY want to make a change in your head you never will! I knew all these years that I had to and need it too, however I never REALLY was ready to start. Until I met these amazing women and I fell in love with Zumba and Boot camp. I have never had so much fun exercising and seeing amazing results.Since September 2011 I have lost 23 pounds, 17 inches total and 2 pants sizes.I have a great family who supports me but also amazing friends. This is just the beginning of my new life and journey. I feel great and have so much more energy. I am amazed by how many things I can now accomplish and I get better each week. However I could not do it without Brandi and my boot camp team. They push me and motivate me at the same time. I love you guys.
Kerstin Crabill


Kerstin Before


Kerstin After