Ultra Endurance Cycling Race

Submitted by: Ken Nicodemus

Larry's Success Story

Hi Ken: The race went very well. Conditions weren't ideal in terms of wind direction, but we finished in 32hrs 22 min. We were the third finisher of 14 4-male teams and were beaten by an average 30 yr old and an average age 40 yr old team. All other teams were behind us and we were an average age 60 year old team--the oldest 4-person team. We broke the 60+ record set in 2009 by almost 10 hours! We made old people proud.

I rode very well and attribute it to your excellent coaching. All four of us were a bit tired in our second stages because with 5 people (3 riders and 2 crew) in our one (all you can have) minivan (the largest van you can use) we weren't able to sleep much during the 10+ hours between stages.

We all had leg cramps after our first stages due to heat and exertion and an inability to really stretch out.

Thanks for the excellent coaching; it really worked!