TV Actor's recovery from ACL blowout.

Submitted by: Paul Berry

Mat Vairo's Success Story

What I appreciate most about working with Paul is that he uses a very hands-on approach. He really takes the time to get very specific on what works best for you as an individual, whether it be the exercises he chooses for you or with your diet. He has an extensive knowledge of everything to do with not only training, but training smart and with correct form.
For me, when I first started working with Paul, I had just recently had surgery on my knee after blowing out my ACL and I was struggling still, even after rehab, with pain and weakness in my leg which was affecting my entire body. From day one, Paul knew exactly what I needed to do to strengthen those areas and my leg truly feels better than ever and, moreover, he has helped improve my overall fitness, body and mind, in amazing ways.
But don't take it from me, you owe it to yourself to find out on your own. He will help you achieve amazing results by training with him. Paul is great guy and a great trainer​


Mat Vairo After