Trying a Personal Trainer for the first time

Submitted by: Kristin Thompson

Hillary's Blog post after her first session's Success Story

A Personal Trainer - is it the right choice for you?

Did you make a New Year's Resolution to "get fit"? One of the most popular resolutions year after year is to lead a healthier lifestyle and to get fit. The problem, is that for many, that resolution only lasts a few weeks. If you are committed to it, how can you stick with it?

At a recent fundraising event, I won an opportunity to try out a Personal Training session. I was excited and yet, scared. I am not in great shape. I could stand to lose 10 (ok, 20-30) pounds. But I donned my yoga pants and sneakers plus a healthy dose of optimism and headed over.

Kristin is a friend, as well as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. We started off with weights and measurements. . .and by that, I mean mine. Kris weighed me, and asked me my height. The scale she uses calculates BMI (Body Mass Index) as well. We also took measurements of my waist and hips. Well it wasn't terrible news, I am not in the shape a woman of my age and height should be in. There is work to be done.

So after that bit of good news, Kris informed me we were going to to a high-intensity interval training program. What that means is a combination of cardio sprints (like jumping jacks or mountain climbers) with upper and lower body strength training. This type of workout has been proven to be the most effective for weight loss.

I hung in for the hour program. Some exercises were easier then others and I was able to do all three sets of 12 repetitions. Other ones had to be modified to suit my level of ability. The great thing about working with a trainer, is that she knows all this and can adapt quickly and make sure you are getting an effective workout without hurting yourself. She is also a great cheerleader to keep you motivated and encourage you.

As I sat on the couch later that evening, I could feel every muscle in my arms and chest. By the next morning, I was still a little sore, but in a good way. Since my workout, I've tried to stick with doing my #plankaday and maintaining my walking program. Kris helped me to see that I really need to add more cardio and strength training if I want to be serious about losing weight and getting healthier.

This would definitely be a better choice for me than joining a gym. I tend to be more successful in situations where I have guidance rather then just left on my own. I know, everyone thinks they can't afford personal training. But it can be more affordable than you think, especially if the results are positive and you stick with it. Many health plans offer incentives to maintain a healthy lifestyle- so if you have a health plan, check and see. You can check out her website here:

Would I do it again? Definitely.

Have you tried personal training? What were your results?

catch you soon -