TRX Workouts are the Secret!

Submitted by: Gina Jackson

Katheryn Dougan's Success Story

Katheryn is one party-hardy lady! I love seeing her FB posts of all the events, gatherings and friends each weekend because they are filled with energy, drink and smiles. More than I see from anyone else.

I particularly love Katheryn's posts and images because she works hard travelling the world for her job and equally hard on herself with exercise to be able to enjoy herself each weekend. She enjoys hiking, boating, walking and of course using the TRX in the studio, which she does at 6:00am, twice a week, and has been for just about one full year as of October 2012.

This is a text message conversation we had last week following her kayaking/hiking weekend with friends.

katheryn dougan: I have to share this with you. While camping this weekend and kayaking, I had so much speed and endurance. People found it hard to keep up w/ me They asked "what's your secret?" I said: It's Gina! 4:56 PM

Me: Love that! Yeah! Can I post the story? 5:00 PM

katheryn dougan: Sure, and I do mean it! 5:00 PM

katheryn dougan: Meaning the story is true, I am so proud of myself (and your work!) 5:01 PM

Way to go Katheryn! So glad to have you and your energy every week! Check out the full story and more image here.


Katheryn Dougan Before


Katheryn Dougan After