TRX Flow Changes Women

Elisa Garcia, MariaElena Sikolas, Jessica Bott, Katheryn Dougan, Jasmine Sanders's Success Story

TRX Suspension classes are really hot and all the rage across the country in most Pilates studios, gyms and private fitness centers. The unique, customized workout experienced in the Pilates4Fitness Movement space, is however, pure magical flow. Coordinated, flowing movements and stretches through the upper and lower body facilitated by deep abdominal core work keeps the group in constant movement and, frankly a "TRX Flow." It was my plan and approach in designing the class, to create an exhilerating, empowering movement program that would build strength, stamina and muscle tone with the combination of traditional TRX movements blended with the dance-like flow and flexibility of Pilates.

As a result, several women have been tagged as "hard-core" as they leave their comfortable beds (and in most cases, their husbands) at 5:00am to join me in the studio at 6:00am twice a week. Some call it crazy. Some call it dedication. These women call it "the best workout I have ever had!"

It's the workout hour they won't give up. Sometimes, there is even a waiting list, as only five stations are available for the group class.

A few quotes from the crew:

"TRX is my new favorite workout! I always feel energized after leaving a TRX class and I've never left regretting going!"

"The only reason I wake up at 5am to come workout is because of your energy, creativity, and passion each and every time."

"I truly look forward to your classes - never the same, sometimes exhausting, always challenging, and most importantly - so very satisfying."

The first YouTube video posted of the 6:00am class has a few thousand hits and has inspired quite a few others around the country to try suspension training, this one takes the work a few steps further in movement, strength and control. Elisa, Jasmine, Maria Elena, Cynthia and Jessica are simply following my cues and working their own bodies in such synchronized movements that it oftentimes feels like a rehearsed dance. It is not! It is a pure sweaty, "OMG, I need water," "Yes, I can do this" hour-long workout that flows from top to bottom of the hour.

There is some "tough stuff" in the hour, but they make it look like a dance.

Check out the the 2.5 minutes of this 60 minute workout and smile like we do.