Transforming My Life

Submitted by: Michael Clark

Jamie L., Edmonton, AB's Success Story

I started training with Mike in January of 2014 with the aspiration of competing in a fitness competition in June. When I first met with him, it was very clear that he was passionate about what he did. He showed such excitement and enthusiasm about taking me on as a new client. This made me feel incredibly confident in his ability to help me achieve my goals. He worked very closely with me for six months and the changes I saw, not only with my body but also myself emotionally and mentally were incredible. He transformed my whole life; my way of living, eating and even thinking. He made me feel as though I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. His training sessions were definitely tough but not once did I feel as though I couldn't complete them. If anything, he inspired me and pushed me to go beyond my mental and physical limits and made me want to push harder and harder each time. In the beginning, my goals were to feel better and more comfortable in my own skin. Now I am a completely different person with confidence to take on anything that is thrown my way and I could not thank Mike enough for what he has given me. He is not only my trainer but he is also my inspiration and an incredible friend. That's what a trainer should be.


Jamie L., Edmonton, AB After