Transformational Health - Mentally and Physcially

Submitted by: Ali McWilliams

Mickey's Success Story

I decided I couldn’t do this on my own. I couldn’t lose any weight, I felt horrible, I hated going clothes shopping, I didn’t really understand good nutrition, I wasn’t being accountable to myself in getting on my treadmill, and I knew I needed strength training but I didn’t know where to start. I was stressed out, never made time for myself, and was about to go through a job transition at work. I needed some help in discovering who I am, and not finding my identity solely in being someone else’s mother, wife, or boss. I found Ali. Working with her is more than a workout for the body. She tailors each session to my physical and emotional abilities and needs for that particular day, asks all the right questions, and has helped me to learn to really listen to my mind and my body. I also like my “me” time, being accountable to someone else, and getting pulled out of my comfort zone. After just seven months with Ali, I can truly say that I have been transformed. I am happy and I am healthy, and that’s a really wonderful thing.