Training Made Fun!

Submitted by: Randy Reyna

Carrie's Success Story

Before I started training with Randy, I had used several personal trainers and had never been happy with the results. A lot of trainers get stuck in a rut of repetitive workouts that are boring and don't offer a continuous challenge which can hinder you from reaching your goals.

Randy was such a welcome change! Not only is he in expert in training and all the exercises and nutrition, he's extremely approachable and friendly and makes the workouts fun. His excitement and encouragement really gave me what I needed to feel confident in my abilities and push me to work harder and go farther. I saw results quickly and was leaner and stronger and had the confidence in the gym I had previously lacked. No matter how many times I train with Randy, he's always coming up with new exercises to keep things new and fun.

I credit Randy with helping me achieve the upper body strength I had previously lacked and the overall conditioning to help me achieve my goal of running my first half-marathon as well as many obstacle/mud runs I would not have previously been fit enough to do.

Anyone who uses Randy will not be disappointed!


Carrie Before


Carrie After