Training for ROTC

Submitted by: Whitney Turner

Allia's Success Story

My name is Allia and I am 18 yrs. old. I recently graduated high school and decided to join the United States Army. The US Army requires a physical fitness test w/ certain standards that every soldier based on age, must be able to complete. I stopped doing sports the last few years of high school, so I was out of shape. That all changed when I decided to get Fit with Whit!

Whitney Turner is a phenomenal woman and trainer. She was willing to meet me where I was and push me to my fullest potential. We had 16 sessions in total together and I can honestly say my overall health improved throughout the process. She suggested different snack, meal, and protein drinks ideas to improve my diet, which would make my exercise worth it. I didn't have to pay a whole lot of money for a gym membership, because she utilized the parks and my old high school track in my workouts everyday. She set a specific training plan that would allow me to complete the US Army physical fitness test with flying colors.

I recommend Whitney to anyone who wants to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle in general. She is very reasonable, flexible, and well connected, so there is no excuse not to reach the goals you want obtain. She cares about your progress and willing to understand your different situations and tailor a program for you. She is perfect for the busiest of people. She also will create a maintenance plan for you after your time with her is finished, so you can continue living a healthy and fit lifestyle!

There is no reason to look back now. Contact Whitney today for your own consultation! You won't regret it!