Training for College Athletics

Submitted by: Justean Allen

B.W. Ankeny, IA's Success Story

Before I got a personal trainer I was going to the gym and spending 30-45 min doing cardio and lifting weights, but I was never able to achieve my personal goals by myself. I found it really hard to push myself that extra step in order to get the results I wanted. When I found out that I was going to play a college sport I knew I wanted, and needed to do something to help get me into better shape. I was really unsure of what to expect with a trainer, but once I started the sessions I found out quickly. It was really tough at first because it was a different type of workout than I was used to doing. I was running stairs, doing cardio circuts for 30 min, doing sprints, and using cardio machines. It got easier as I got into better shape, I realized the results I was getting and I started looking forward to workouts and wondering what I was going to have to do that day. Looking back on my experience, I am very glad I decided to get a personal trainer. I learned things that I can do on my own, in both cardio and weight lifting workouts. I was looking for someone to push me that extra step and get me to where I wanted to be and Justean did that.The results I achieved were awesome also! I lost 9 inches all around and about 12 pounds in ten weeks. All in all, it was just a great experience that I will never forget.