Brad helped me push through my athletic plateau...

Submitted by: Bradley Wiedl

Ron's Success Story

"As most experienced runners eventually do, I had hit an athletic plateau in my training and found myself running several marathons falling short of my goals. I knew enough that I needed to do things differently and consult the advice of an experienced professional.

I came to Brad with a very specific athletic goal. To set a marathon personal record (PR) of 3:30, while placing in the Clydesdale division of the Hartford ING Marathon.

Brad gauged my physical fitness, measured body fat, and assessed my dietary intake. He acknowledged my frustrations and experience, and assured me that my goals were attainable with some changes to training, diet, and a lot of hard work. He took the time to put together a strength training & dietary plan, and we began a three month plan that transformed my body and improved my performance. I got leaner and faster. Brad helped me push through my athletic plateau and for that I am forever grateful.

I am proud to say I met my goal expectations. I ran a 3:27 PR in Hartford and placed second in my division. What I didn't expect was the friendship and respect of another trained athlete. Brad remains a friend & trusted resource. I would recommend his services to beginners or the most experienced of athletes."


Ron Before


Ron After