Training CAN be fun and effective!

Submitted by: Jill Ackiron-Moses

Joan's Success Story

Both my husband and I have been training with Jill since early July of this year. We are
her first clients at 5:30 a.m. To say that Jill has changed our lives would be a perfect assessment
of the effect she has had on us.

Since she is aware of our need to rush off to our business in Brooklyn, she is always on time.
Her appearance is fresh, her mood is bright, her techniques are learned, and her approach is always professional.

Jill began our sessions with questions involving our age, our health, our abilities, our outlook on
life, our eating habits and our goals. She explained her methods and her ambitions for us. Every
meeting left us anxious for the next.

She listens to my husband’s corny jokes and laughs along with him; she is so respectful of our age and our abilities. She guides us through our work outs, makes suggestions, offers her gentle “critique” and makes the entire experience a pleasure. We easily progress to the next level without
ever feeling the pressure.

We have trimmed down; we hurt less; we laugh more and even getting out of bed at 4:45 a.m.
is not so terrible“all because of Jill.

Please know that we have gone to other facilities; had other personal trainers and tried this regime several times in the past. We never had fun doing it. This new venture at Synergy has been absolutely beneficial and pleasing. We look forward to a long standing relationship.

Very truly yours,