Total Lifestyle Transformation

Submitted by: Christian Elliot

Megan's Success Story

Dear Reader,

Patience is not my strong suit; unless it comes to waiting to put the right things in my body. I thought I knew a lot about how the body worked and figured I could skip the health education offered by Health and Wholeness and focus on pushing my body to do things I had never tried before with their personal training services.

I was wrong.

It took me a long time (I've been a client for 17 months) to realize I could only change this body of mine so much with exercise alone. Based on the way Nina and Christian live their life, I wondered whether knowing more about my body's internal systems or if putting different things into my mouth, could help push my body even further. This time I was right on the mark.

Team Elliot, (Christian and Nina), not only have a lot of patience for skeptical clients like me, they also know how to deliver quality, lively nutritional education. The classes, delivered via web-link powerpoint with live commentary from Christian, taught me things I did not know about our food delivery system and how it affects one's overall health. To this day there are images from that early training that inspire me to choose and eat foods that contribute to my overall well-being.

The classes gave me another valuable insight; no matter how good one's food choices, some supplements are necessary. I put off exploring their use for many months after that training. I should have been more impatient. I now take the full range of supplements suggested by Team Elliot and cannot adequately describe the dramatic difference in my life.

On the Personal Training end of things, there are those at the studio who tell me my physical achievements inspire them to push harder. Most of them are about half my age. Many of them are personal training clients. As good as Team Elliot is at personal training, I believe that other Health and Wholeness clients would more quickly reach their personal training goals, (and probably surpass mine), if they took advantage of all the services offered by Health and Wholeness.


Megan After