Top Ten Reasons to Love Boot Camp

Submitted by: Jessica Rosen

Maureen's Success Story

Top Ten reasons why I like 805GetFit Boot Camp

1. When I decided to do the 805 Get Fit boot camp I was dreading the early hour. Now that I have it in my routine I can say that I love getting my workout done by 7:00am. I am well rested and have the energy to work out at a higher level.

2. I have had skin cancer so when I go on a run or hike I have to wear long sleeves and sunscreen which is uncomfortable when it's warm/hot out. (The indoor early hour workout is going to be great over the summer!)

3. When I started boot camp I thought I was in good shape but I quickly realized that I don't push myself hard enough on my own and I was not working out my whole body. The day after each bootcamp I can tell what muscles got a good workout.

4. I really like how each boot camp workout is different and works out my whole body. Jessica makes the workouts fun and they are never boring or routine.

5. I have noticed that my running workouts are easier and more enjoyable since I started boot camp. I am looking forward to my first half marathon later this year.

6. In just 8 weeks of bootcamp my body has changed. My muscles look more toned and each week my ability and confidence grows.

7. The boot camp workout is such a great stress reliever for me! I have an athletic 'high' after every class. I wouldn't miss a class for the world!!!

8. Seeing the physical changes have made me more motivated to change my eating habits.

9. There is no yelling in this bootcamp. If I am not able to do a particular exercise, Jessica makes a modification so I can still get a great workout.

10. This bootcamp is helping me be the person I want to be. I feel empowered to tackle new things and make challenging goals in my future.

I am so glad I saw the 805GetFit ad and had the nerve to show up to the first class. It has changed my life!


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