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Submitted by: Jeremy Reardon

's Success Story

Here's what a few of my clients are saying...

“Under your supervision, I have achieved a much needed 30 pound weight loss and I have at least doubled my strength”
-Steve Garner

“Your customer-tailored program for each training session has enabled me to improve my posture, breathing, flexibility, strength, and balance. With you, it's NO PAIN, ALL GAIN!”
-Harry Mullen

“Jeremy, you are a phenomenal asset to the fitness industry and in a league of your own. Your caring nature, attention to detail and state of the art practices, and creativity set you apart from the rest.”
-Terry Lubotsky

"You show a superior knowledge in exercise physiology and intervention"
-Alicia Newan, R.N.

“Jeremy doesn’t just prescribe exercise“ he promotes discipline, and confidence - these are key factors in my success. If you’re interested in “exercise““ don’t waste Jeremy’s valuable time and expertise. But if you are seeking “fitness”, you need to partner-up with this professional.”
-Keith Spencer (pictured)

"You make it FUN! You celebrate milestones with me like they are your own."
-Barbara Dunaway

"Your professionalism and empathy made all the difference for me. I appreciated your patience with my limitations and bad joints. I felt encouraged each time we worked together."
-Bissy Genova

"It's obvious that he keeps on top of the near daily changes in this industry and above all knows that there are no shortcuts toward a life of health, fitness and harmony. Before hiring Jeremy I had observed him working with clients over the past few years and was impressed by his attentiveness towards his clients, attention to detail, creativeness, and rapport with his clients."
-Thomas Newman, R.N., National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer

"They (the doctors) could not believe that I was still walking and how much the leg had come back to life. I know that this would never had been possible without Jeremy's help and guidance. All the doctors agreed that this was nothing short of a miracle and they too agreed that Jeremy is amazing... if only they could get him to move up north and work for them."

-Rita Corbert