Toned and Firm

Joyce's Success Story

I am pleased to name Joyce Bradshaw as Your Personal Best Training Studio’s “Sweetheart” client success story for the month of February 2011. We selected Joyce this month because of her FIRM determination to get toned and firm! She came to us because, (like many of you), she was not motivated to workout alone.

Joyce hired us initially for 90 days with the purchase of an analysis every 6 weeks, nutrition journaling with me and 3-4 times weekly personal training with Terry Cobb. Terry puts Joyce through the rigors of lifting weights, functional, core and balance training and, even kickboxing!

Congratulations, Joyce!

We love you! Lisa and Terry

NAME: Joyce Bradshaw



Guaranteed RESULTS: In 90 days, Joyce changed her body composition in the following ways:

Overall body composition by 6%
Gained almost 3 pounds of muscle. Some say this muscle helps her to burn up to an additional 105 calories per day!
Lost approximately 10#’s of fat!
Lost 4 3/8″ overall.
Joyce continues to work toward a toned and firm body, working off the belly fat and has added “Build more muscle!”

Q & A with Joyce

Name: Joyce Bradshaw
Age: Over 60

How long have you lived in Corpus Christi? All my life
What is your fitness routine? Training at YPB 3 times a week, walking and yoga.

Why do you exercise? It energizes me and sets a positive note for the day.

How long have you exercised regularly? I have been a ”gym member” since my late teens, while in college.

Who is your workout Buddy? I choose to workout alone. It’s something you really have to do for yourself.

What is your favorite health food? Cottage cheese and a lot of fresh fruit for breakfast.

What is your must-have piece of gear? A good pair of athletic shoes.

What is your current health or fitness goal? To tone, reduce fat and increase muscle.

What is your favorite health or fitness book/cookbook? “If It’s Not Real Food“Don’t Eat It” By Kelly Hayford. I have read all the others and have them in my library.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to eating right or working out? Time.

What music do you listen to while working out? None. I meditate while on the bike or treadmill.

What do you think is the best benefit of working out or eating right? Good health-mind, body and spirit balance.


Joyce Before


Joyce After