Submitted by: Kacie Bryant

Dalynn and Joe's Success Story

I was athletic from a very young age, I ran track, and was very active. This continued on when I went into the military, but in 1992 I contracted a virus that damaged my heart. It progressed into a condition that weakened my heart down to two thirds of its normal strength and required me to take medications to keep my heart from further deterioration.

I have been struggling with weight partially due to medication over the years. Dalynn and I participated mostly in aerobics but not any targeted core work. After many years of failed weight loss, misguided conditioning workouts, we came upon an ad from Guiding Fitness. The value is everything with what the staff taught us, how they motivate and most of all the great relationships that we have with the staff and other clients at Guiding Fitness.

My doctor has advised me that my functionality of my heart has not improved and may never improve,but it has strengthened my heart and the weight loss has delighted my doctors. We feel Our choice of Guiding Fitness has brightened our futures. Thanks Guys... ~ Joe

I have struggled with weight issues most of my life. I have never really been into fitness and never liked just "working out." I had been following a weight loss program for some time and walking about three and a half miles. I came to a point that I knew I needed to do something more than what I was doing. I also had been struggling with neck and various pains for several years. After many discussions with my husband, we had decided that we needed to join a gym or find a class or something.

In January, we found Guiding Fitness! And now (9 months later), I have to say that I love working out! I never in my life thought I would ever say those words!! Thanks to Guiding Fitness, between personal training sessions with Kacie and classes with Kylie, they have something for everyone no matter what level you are at. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, it is very motivating and encouraging. I am very happy to say that I rarely have neck pain now and I cannot believe the things that I can now do, like jogging, jumping, burpees and even push ups. I have lost 30 pounds and have never felt stronger in my life! ~ Dalynn


Dalynn and Joe Before


Dalynn and Joe After