To the slopes and to the road.....

Submitted by: Aaron Lakanen

Kathy's Success Story

I have been a very active athlete for more than 40 years. Of all the sports I have participated in, I am the most passionate about racquetball, long-distance road bicycling and downhill skiing. Several years ago, I began experiencing pain in my low back that radiated down my leg. This pain progressed to the point where it significantly hindered my ability to participate in any sport. Eventually the pain began to limit my activities of daily living. Simply taking the dog for a walk had become very painful.

I had been evaluated by physicians, and had gone through physical therapy. The doctors did not find any issues that required surgery or further treatment. It was suggested to me that if bicycling and skiing caused pain, then perhaps I should stop those activities. I was not willing to stop doing the things I loved.

I was referred to Aaron Lakanen and Muscle Activation Technique (MAT). Aaron worked with me to identify and treat the causes of my back pain. I began to notice an improvement in my back and leg pain within a few weeks. Gradually, Aaron introduced strengthening exercises specifically to strengthen my back and improve my athletic performance. He has also taught me that some of my overzealous training techniques were contributing to my problems.

My back and leg pain have mostly disappeared. I have occasional flare-ups, but these episodes quickly resolve. I continue to work with Aaron regularly. I have made significant gains in strength and endurance. I have been able to return to week-long bicycle touring without pain. I am thrilled with my progress, and have new-found enthusiasm for the sports I love.