Tina Overcomes the Improbable

Submitted by: Cheryl Sacks

Tina's Success Story

When Tina came to me, she had just spent 3 months in rehabilitation after a horrific boating accident. Another boat passing by was going too fast and created a wave that threw Tina and her friends into the air. When Tina landed, the impact broke her spine. Tina is fortunate that she didn't become paralyzed.

Tina came to me in the beginning of 2008. Not only was she overweight from before her accident, but she put on more weight being immobile for several months. To add to it, she now had a rod down the length of her lumbar spine. I had to find exercises that would help her lose weight, but also restrengthen and retrain inactive and injured muscles.

Sitting up from a reclining position was impossible. Stepping down from something as low as the curb was daunting. Bending, twisting, even walking, was avoided.

During our first workout I remember being afraid that she was going to break into pieces. But Tina has always put all her trust and faith in me (talk about role reversal), which empowered me to be my best and allowed my creative juices to flow. Sometimes an exercise idea would pop into my head and I would say, "Ok, we're going to try this today and see if it works." Low and behold, most times it would.

Fast forward to today. Tina had dropped 6 clothing sizes, completely transformed her body, and feels great. In fact, she can sit up from laying down, runs on the treadmill, twists, turns, bends, and does everything that most other people do. You would never know she has a rod in her back! Tina has worked tremendously hard to get where she is today. I'm sure she would say that she couldn't have done it without inspiration from me, but I couldn't have done it without inspiration from her.


Tina Before


Tina After