Time to work

Submitted by: Kelly McEnroe

Neal's Success Story

I started working out with Kelly after trying other trainers for years. She came highly recommended so I thought it was worth a try. When we first got together I was a bit skeptical. I was a big guy of 210 pounds and she was a thin (though fit) woman almost half my weight. I was expecting a mild to light workout and nothing more. Boy was I mistaken. Kelly gave me the workout of my life.

In short order, she got to know me and knew how to get the most benefit out of each workout. To this day, I don't know how she sensed it, but she knew when I had more to give and she got it out of me. On days when I was tired or under the weather, she knew how to scale back and still make the time very worthwhile.

Kelly helped me get results and get them fast. I would recommend her to anyone serious about getting in shape.