Time to Change

Submitted by: Kim Russell

Doug's Success Story

This is Doug's story: "I am writing to express my gratitude to the Fitness Edge for the very significant role that Kim played with respect to recent, dramatic improvements in my fitness, strength, weight and appearance.
After too many years of inactivity, I began training with Kim in October 2007. At the time, I weighed 209 pounds and was, generally, in poor physical condition. I chose Kim and the Fitness Edge over other trainers for several reasons, including the obvious expertise of your trainers and your excellent facilities. I now know I made a wise decision.
While my fitness goals extended well beyond weight loss, I initially signed up for your 12-week Weigh It Down program. The results have been remarkable both as to weight loss and my other fitness goals. At the conclusion of the 12 weeks, I had not only reduced my weight by 39 pounds (to 170 pounds), but had substantially reduced my body fat composition and had lost several inches of fat in my waist (3 inches), chest (nearly 4 inches), thighs (2 ½ inches each), arm (over 2 ½ inches) and elsewhere. (It should also be noted that I made these improvements over the holidays, a period during which I, like most people, have traditionally moved in the other direction).
While I am more than pleased with the weight loss, I am even more excited about the obvious increases in my strength and muscle mass. As a 41-year old male who had not seriously participated in any weight or resistance training in the 23+ years since high school, I admit to harboring some doubts about my ability to fully succeed in this area. With Kim's know-how and positive encouragement, however, I have not only become noticeably stronger (both in the gym and in "real life"), but have developed a comfort level in the gym which simply would not otherwise have been possible. I am now achieving things which I could not have imagined a few months ago.
Perhaps most significantly, I have made these improvements in a way which, I am confident, will be sustainable for the rest of my life. And, thanks to Kim, my knowledge of effective exercise (both as to weight training and cardio) has also dramatically improved.
I do not pretend that my success has come easily. I have worked hard during my sessions with Kim and on my own time. I have also seriously committed to better eating. But the benefits have far outweighed these small costs, and I am leading a more active, enjoyable lifestyle as a result.
In the weeks since the Weigh It Down program ended, Kim and I have begun to shift our focus from weight loss to strength training and overall fitness. As before, the results continue to be noticeable. Thanks again Kim. I look forward to continuing my work with the Fitness Edge and to increasingly using, on my own time, the skills and information I have learned."