Skeptical client eliminates medication & reduces arthritis pain

Submitted by: Susan Silver

George's Success Story

George started his personal training sessions somewhat reluctantly, claiming he was “not a jock” and pretty uninterested in exercise. He had several conditions that he attributed to age: he was overweight, and he had arthritis in his back and knee that caused fairly constant pain. He wore a brace on one leg and took daily prescription medications for arthritis and high cholesterol.

We started with some easy riding on a stationary bicycle to build his cardiovascular stamina without overloading his joints. We also interspersed some simple, floor-based exercises to activate his trunk muscles and create stability for his back. Then we began to add strengthening exercise for the major muscle groups in his upper and lower body, as well as some balance exercises.

He met with me once or twice a week for the first few weeks, according to what his schedule would allow, while we learned a lot of new things. Then he started working on his own once or twice a week, and meeting with me once to review his form and technique, and to add new exercises to his regimen. Before long, George was exercising on his own 4 or 5 times a week and is still doing that today.

His results were dramatic.

Within a year he lost about 25 lbs. More importantly – his leg brace is gone, he walks without pain, spends about 40 minutes on the elliptical machine several days a week, and no longer needs drugs to treat his arthritis and cholesterol. Every few months he contacts me to spruce up his workout with something new or to challenge him a little further.

George's words:
“My results continue to surprise and amaze me. Susan showed me many exercises that would help make my knee and back stronger, and I found that I actually enjoyed the workouts. I feel better and have way more energy. The people in my life sense this and everything we do is more fun. ”


George After