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Submitted by: Kenneth Clarke

Greg's Success Story

Hello, my name is Gregory Wheeler. Several years ago while getting a routine physical, my physician told me that I needed to see a Nephrologist (kidney specialist). This statement shocked me, due to the fact that I only have one kidney. In 1983, I gave my sister, Lisa a kidney, while attending Kent State University in Ohio. Over the last eight-years, my kidney condition has deteriorated to the point that I was told in 2006, that I might possibly begin dialysis treatments. I was also told that to be eligible for a kidney transplant, I would need to lose over 90 pounds. Also, with the added weight, I have had routine bouts with gout and have been on medication to control hypertension and elevated cholesterol.

Initially, I looked at getting the Gastric Bypass surgery, but after doing extensive research, I decided that the operation was not for me. I decided then to do this the old fashioned way by exercising, being diligent about my eating habits, and taking it off gradually. But I needed help“I joined Fitness Together in September 2006, and since that time I have lost over 80lbs ! I have not had any episodes of gout for months and as of October ’07, I am free of the medication for hypertension.

I still have a lot of work ahead of me to take off the remaining 10 lbs. However, I feel great, I’m in the best shape that I’ve been in years, and the comments from my wife, co-workers and friends are astounding!!!!

I’ve been blessed by God that even though I have had to start dialysis, I am able to continue working out and continue my weight loss. I know that it will only be a matter of time before I meet my goal and receive my much needed kidney transplant.

I would like to thank Ken and all the trainers at Fitness Together for their motivation, encouragement, and support. They have inspired me to make the necessary changes to lead a healthier lifestyle.