The Septic Horror (Self)

Submitted by: Lutfi Zainal Abidin

Lutfi's Success Story

Having spent 3 years of my life building up to the physique I strived for, I was in the prime of my fitness life...

Then I got hit with sepsis.
Spent a month in hospital, a week in Intensive Care with multiple organ failure and death around the corner.
Lost all of my muscle mass and instead saw a skinny fat, sick boy in the mirror.

As devastating as it was, I had two options.
One, feel sorry for myself.
Two, rebuild myself.
I chose the latter and embarked on a slow arduous journey, this time without the aid of supplementation nor the ability to consume the amounts of food or protein I was able to in the past.
I had to make health my main priority and rejuvenate my kidney and liver functions prior to even bothering about the physique.

It was tough, at times I felt like I should just had given up.
The body, did not react well to training and fatigued was present at every corner.
The fact that I had lost both muscle mass and stamina made everything worse.
I was, once again, a newbie in the gym.

However, the benefits of having 3 years of experience in the gym was a huge advantage and I used it to my advantage.
Programming through concepts of periodization for strength training, I set apart phases to slowly build myself from ground up.
Also utilized nutrition programs I had gained understanding through years of experimentation and study.

Finally, 6 months after, I had


Lutfi Before


Lutfi After