The self confidence I have re-gained is priceless

Submitted by: Ellen Rodriguez

Debbie's Success Story

Ellen has helped me tremendously to get my health, weight and fitness levels back on track. After three years of focusing on my job and family I found that I was almost 40 pounds overweight. Ellen and I discussed my goals, my fitness "style"-i.e. how I liked to work out and what types of exercises I liked and which were most effective. I had a few injuries and chronic issues that she asked me about in order to tailor my workouts around those issues. There are several things I like about Ellen versus other trainers I have worked with. Every workout is different. Even though you are working the same muscles, you work them in a different way. And she uses a lot of compound moves and functional exercises-that help you in your everyday activities. Therefore boredom never sets in and I actually noticed pretty fast results for being so out of shape. The other thing that stands out about her method is that even though she may have a whole workout planned out for me, if I am not feeling it that day she can change it up on the fly-no stress involved. And finally, the encouragement she gives before, during, and after the workout is priceless. She will push you, but not beyond your capabilities and certainly not to the point of pain.

I always see her in her office on Westcott that is well equipped and suits my needs. I have been working with her for a couple of months and have lost over ten pounds. But the self confidence I have re-gained is priceless