The Scale Doesn't Matter!

Submitted by: Mark Allison

Doug's Success Story

Like many people I had been working out for months and wasn’t really seeing results. I had old pre—existing back and shoulder injuries. Every time I pushed myself hard I reinjured those areas. I finally came to the realization I was wasting my time and if I was going to take this to next level I would need help.
I met with Mark Alison and after a few training sessions I knew this was the guy that was going to help me reach my goals. We sat down and I told him what my goals were. Put simply, I wanted to lose the spare tire and pack on some muscle.
My first goal was to lose the weight. I started at a 28% body fat and dropped 26 lbs. of fat which brought me to a 13% body fat. Next came the fun part, putting on muscle. Mark and I sat down and re-evaluated my diet and came up with a training program to build muscle. As of October ’11 I had maintained 13.6% body fat and put on 27 lbs. of muscle. I weigh almost 10 lbs more on the scale now than when I first started. The scale really doesn't matter!
The key to my success was sticking to the plan no matter what and having a dedicated trainer to keep me motivated and moving forward. Thanks Mark!


Doug Before


Doug After