The San Diego Tank

Submitted by: Calvin Whitmore IV

Ricardo's Success Story

Ricardo and I met at 24 hour fitness where my wife, a few coworkers and myself trained as a group after we got off work. One of our mutual friends brought him in to try to keep up with me while he was visiting and in Kansas City. His starting weight was 275lbs. Each time he arrived to train, I pushed him to his limit. Each time, he accepted and finished strong. I had began to train my sponsor team " Metabolife My First 5k" where I was the team trainer. I couldn't add him to the team, but I still added him to the challenge. He ran his first 5k with me, and then was so excited. He wanted more. He said he always wished to run a half and full marathon. So we stepped up and the training continued. This is where he got his nickname the Tank. As my team ran their first 5k, he ran his first half marathon. He also decided at the race expo to sign up with my wife and I to do Disney Worlds Goofy Race and a Half 39.3 three months away. That's a half marathon on a Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday. Shortly after signing up, my team and I also ran a local half marathon. Ricardo in each race was my steady constant runner, not too fast, not too slow, just right. Months later, Ricardo ran the Goofy Race and a Half and completed successfully. Ricardo has lost over 60lbs and is now a certified personal trainer with NASM like myself and has worked and changed lives at 24hr fitness in San Diego where he lives. He's also carried on my tradition and raised a flag for me in his local area and training his friends and family and clients to race just like he did beside me. He even has his newly married wife racing beside him as well.


Ricardo Before


Ricardo After