The Road back to Good Health, a Strong Body, and an Empowered Spirit!

Submitted by: Jody Kennett

's Success Story

The following is a testimonial from a client who has a chronic illness, but is attaining her best physical health despite all her setbacks and limitations.

"I was neither the most willing nor the most able student when I first began training with Jody. I had barely come out of a prolonged illness that had not only altered my physique, but had also dampened my spirit, and I just didn’t want to do anything. Jody began our sessions together slowly and carefully with a kindness and assuredness that convinced me losing the thirty pounds I had gained and returning to my former state of confidence and vitality was most definitely possible.
And over the next four months I saw that she was right. One by one the pounds dropped off, my bones became stronger, my RHR normalized, and my smile returned. I went from lifting 3 lbs to 10, doing 12 pushups to 24, squatting 16 x to 30, lunging 24 x to 90, tricep-dipping, chest-pressing, plank-ing, rowing, wood-chopping, bridge-marching, crunching – you name it, I did it, and doubled my success, and then tripled it. Jody introduced me to the world of fitness and showed me how I could use it to work with my body, not against it, in conquering my chronic illness. Since the end of our first four months working together I have relapsed and again rebuilt with her help. This time we also worked hard to get me back to being a runner. For many years before I became sick, running was my go-to cure-all. I coped with challenges by dissipating my fear on the open road. Not running was not an option. And so Jody and I began training together. Run 30 seconds; walk 4 minutes. Run 1 minute; walk 3 minutes. Run 2 minutes; walk 2 minutes“. Today, I am running eighty minutes comfortably, working on increasing my speed, and planning for a half-marathon. There is nothing I feel I cannot accomplish with a great partner and friend by my side. Thank you, Jody."