Releasing the Pain

Submitted by: Clark Gadd

Jennifer's Success Story

Incorporating foam rolling into my daily routine has made a tremendous difference in not only the way my body feels, but also the way it functions. I enjoy running but struggled often with knee and hip discomfort, as well as poor flexibility. Traditional stretching and even yoga didn’t bring about much improvement. Massage therapy is very helpful, but is costly and inconvenient.

Clark, my personal trainer, spent a session teaching me how to use the foam roller and stretch afterward. The roller aids in releasing adhesions in the muscle, helping to improve blood flow and circulation. Since using it I have noticed greater flexibility and range of motion, and a definite decrease in pain and fatigue in my legs, particularly hips and knees. The roller is inexpensive and highly effective; I am easily able to isolate muscle adhesions that would otherwise not be addressed with common stretching techniques. I use the roller in my home, adapting to as little or as much of my own body weight as I need. I have also noticed an easier recovery between tough workouts when used regularly. I wish I would have known about this years ago, and would encourage anyone to try it!

Jennifer Rekos