The Power Of Never Giving Up!

Submitted by: Willie Tate

Amanda's Success Story

Hi, my name is Amanda and I have struggled my whole life with my weight. I was a very active kid growing up and was an avid swimmer that you couldn’t get out of the pool no matter how hard you tried. That summer my parents moved us to a remote town in West Virginia. There was no pool I could run to, or kids to play with. My road wasn’t “fun” to ride a bike or walk up and down (the hills are very steep). Slowly the weight started to build up. All through middle school, high school, and 1 semester of college I was a “chunky” weighing no more than 160lbs. The last time I wore shorts was when I was 10 years old. I was unhappy then, but not even close to where I would be at my lowest. Once in college I slowly started adding more weight. I moved to North Carolina, reconnected with my southern family and man do they know how to cook! They were also all over weight, which made me not feel so bad about myself anymore. I eventually stopped weighing myself and 220lbs was my heaviest that I knew of. I would dream about being 150lbs, or wearing jeans! Right before I moved to Virginia Beach I decided to just try something on my own. No diets (I have tried and failed them ALL) or even exercise at first. All I did was stop drinking soda and I dropped 20lbs in a month! I said to myself “OK Amanda you can do this! All you did is change 1 thing!” So I gave myself goals, and when I got one down I added another. Next thing I knew I was living in a new city and weighing 150lbs! I was so happy and then I got comfortable. I had to work 2 jobs to keep my family going, and working 80 hours with no time to cook or work out I started to put the weight back on. I started looking at Groupon and Living Social for memberships to help me reach my goal. I also worked out a lot at Mt Trashmore, and was really interested in the boot camps that were held there. That is how I came across UR Life Fitness, and my trainers Willie & Erica. I cannot tell you in words what UR Life Fitness has done for me. I am now just 15lbs away from my goal weight of 135lbs! And really it’s not just the results, there are a lot of trainers out there that help their clients lose weight every day. It’s how I am excited to see their faces the 3 days a week we meet. How I look forward to the work outs, and see how they are going to push me. Erica promised me when I first started she would have me doing “Man” push-ups and you know what I am! We have never done the same work out. They think of fun, innovative warm ups and there is never a dull moment. If I’m struggling they are right there with me. I am physically in the best shape that I have ever been in my life! Thanks to Willie and Erica, and myself! I am a member to UR Life Fitness for as long as I live in Virginia Beach!


Amanda Before


Amanda After