The Path of My Life

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The “Path of My Life”“

Born in Mt. Vernon, Ohio in 1969 and raised in Utica, Ohio“ I was a very active kid, not necessarily by choice but by necessity. No cable TV, No internet, No air conditioning, No bus to ride to school“ but I did have a park, a creek, a bike, a skateboard, roller skates, and an old community swimming pool. At the time I felt deprived“but now I look at it as such a blessing!!! My sister and I often talk of how calm life seemed. Every thing was fairly routine, dinner at 5, church on Sunday, swimming and bike riding during the summers“
I lived most minutes“ as an active kid.

When I was 18, I headed to Columbus to attend OSU. By the next summer, Andy an I was married. He worked while I finished college and then I worked while he went to law school“ During this time we worked“worked.. “worked“ which involved lots of sitting at a desk. So much for swimming and bike rides!
I lived most minutes“as a college student and accountant“
sitting at a desk.

In 1996, Andy graduated from law school, and I had Abbie. Andy worked even more..but somehow, 9 months later, I was prenant with Isaac, after 3 months of complete bedrest, I had him 12/18/1997, just a few weeks early. Then came Liz, 26 months later and then Sam 26, 26 months after that“. Abbie was 5 when Sam was
born. For the next 3 years, I was doing the best I could to care for my 4 little blessing and all the nursing, laundry, diaper changes, feedings, worry“usually toting one child on my hip“
I lived most minutes“ as a mom of 4 babies“
with a child on my hip.

When my youngest turned three and started pre-school, and other 3 where in elementary school..
Then I lived most minutes“
as a mom of elementary and preschool students“
chronic hip pain*sleep deprived*foggy mind

Years of pushing my body “ to help me achieve my goals as a student, accountant, mom, ect. had taken its tool. Desperate for help I visited many doctors, and was given pain meds, cortisone shots, chiropractic treatments, and a few rounds of physical therapy“ my path lead to the Pilates Method.
Pilates has helped me heal and build a straighter path for my physical health“
Most important it has reminded me, that before you move“remember to always“


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